Seeker of Horizons


A father. A lover. A career. All lost at once. What if this happened to you? What if your life was never going to get any better? Young Moshe finds himself in this situation in this riveting tale of tragedy, change and self-awakening.

A troubled past, but now a successful present, he remains unhappy and without purpose. Devastated, he sets out in search of his beloved. Finding her overseas, he is rejected by the striking Anastasya. Broken and unable to return home, he embarks on a journey. Crossing places and people of his past, he meets the beautiful Kanda, who renews his hope, but unearths facts that shake his foundation. The discovery of the shocking truth about his late father and family history presents him with his greatest challenge yet, forcing him to choose life or death. Sometimes, the truth is best left buried.

This gripping and wrenching novel is based on a true story about the power of the past, the truth, family, and love. It is a captivating tale about the universal quest for purpose and meaning, a spellbinding reflection on the enduring power of the human spirit.

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